Three Angel Investing Flywheels

If you have followed Matt’s writings about angel investing, you’ll know he has been a fan of the “flywheel” metaphor for angel investing and startup communities from long before VentureSouth even existed. (See here and here, for example.) In the last few weeks, we...

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Management Changes in Angel Investing

In this week’s podcast at Venture In The South, David and Charlie discussed one of the more challenging scenarios in early stage investing: management changes in invested companies. Most angel investors don’t plan much about this. Angels invest in the founders – we...

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How Gabby turns NO into New Opportunities

The past year has been challenging, but I am grateful it made me stronger. I am sharing three lessons I learned more about in business. My first is to serve and give back. It has been a rough year for many people and it is super important for our businesses to give...

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IRAs: What can I do to optimize?

So what can I do to optimize? There is, of course, nothing stopping you angel investing from both cash and IRA. You can, and many VentureSouth members in fact do, carefully plot what investments are made from which source. If you’re investing in a C-Corp raising a...

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IRAs: Final reasons to use an IRA

But does it actually make sense to use your IRA? 4. Admin and fees There are a couple of other administrative considerations. First, tracking: investments, especially if you do them on your own, is likely easier in the IRA as the custodian should have good tracking...

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IRAs: Yet more reasons to use an IRA

But does it actually make sense to use your IRA? 3. A bit more on taxes. Two other small things on taxes. We looked at gains in the last post, but we shouldn’t forget the flip-side of that – losses. Capital losses are “useful” in either case – a loss in an IRA will...

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