IRAs: More reasons to use an IRA

But does it actually make sense to use your IRA? 2. Taxes. The key benefit of investing through an IRA, of course, is that any gains have favorable tax treatments: in a traditional IRA, the gains are tax-free when they happen and you pay ordinary income tax upon...

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Capped participating preferreds: wrap up

Hopefully between the prose and the spreadsheet, we have illuminated the cost of the compromise for founders and investors finding this middle ground of a “capping participation.”If not, at least you hopefully come away knowing that VentureSouth would never willingly...

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Non-dilutive funding: wrap up

There are lots of other resources for exploring non-dilutive funding. While this is a bit outside of our remit at VentureSouth, we strongly encourage you to try them. The basic resources include:The SBIR/STTR website - SC, SCRA’s grant programs...

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