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VentureSouth includes more than 400 accredited investor members across 19 local and affiliate angel groups and “sidecar” co-investment funds.

Our members include over 100 company founders and C-level executives. They have expertise in every functional area of business, from operations to technology to finance, and across many industries from aerospace to education.  We leverage their insights to help us evaluate potential investments – and to provide ongoing support and guidance for our portfolio companies.

We welcome brand new angels and experienced investors to join us as we seek to:

Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good.

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Membership Benefits

Make Money

Angel investors fund early stage companies to generate investment returns. Our members have realized gains similar to several studies that found 20%+ annual rates of return for angel investors in groups.

Early stage companies fail, so investing is risky. However, investors can give themselves a better chance of success with a disciplined process, rigorous diligence, and diversification. That’s what VentureSouth provides.

Have Fun

VentureSouth members hear new ideas from talented, passionate entrepreneurs creating the future and building exciting companies.

Our members relish evaluating these new businesses and using their experience to help advise, coach, and support entrepreneurs.

Our members tell us a key part of VentureSouth is the learning from our network of experienced business leaders and community advocates across the Southeast.

Do Good

Net job creation economy comes from young companies that grow fast. Our members “do good” by supporting new ventures that develop technologies to solve real problems while creating local jobs and wealth.

The Southeast is under-served by venture capital, meaning our members fill a critical gap in supporting startups that would otherwise relocate or not survive without these resources.

Membership Expectations

VentureSouth members can be as active as they’d like to be.  However, there is:

  • Never any obligation to invest (but diversification is critical for returns!)
  • No expectation to serve on any diligence team (but members enjoy serving and we all benefit from their insights!)
  • No obligation to work with the portfolio (but members who serve on boards and as advisors provide great value and (usually) enjoy the experience!)

Annual dues are $2500, which can be paid one-time or monthly.

The minimum individual investment in any VentureSouth company is $5,000, and the median (from thousands of separate investments) is $10,000. You can start small.

VentureSouth meets each month. At least one meeting is wholly virtual, and most VentureSouth groups host an in-person monthly meeting. Members are welcome to attend any meetings that are convenient.

If you would like to attend a meeting as a guest, please Contact Us and we will be happy to speak with you about an invitation.

Investor Education

Our comprehensive educational materials are available to members through our Investor Portal.

Our blog is an open invitation for anyone to read along as we explore angel investing topics in more detail.

The Angel Capital Association (of which VentureSouth is a proud member) offers a variety of great resources for investors in its Knowledge Center. Our members can log in here.

Kauffman Foundation is the leading foundation supporting entrepreneurship.

Our non-profit arm Venture Carolina has a lot of great resources for investors.

Learn more about SC Tax Credit.