The majority of angel investors… part 5

One other point to note in this series: “losing money” in angel investing does not necessarily mean losing all the capital you invested in startups.Of the 10% of investors that lost / are losing money in VentureSouth-related investments, only a very few (less than 1%...

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The majority of angel investors – why?

The last posts about the proportion of VentureSouth investors that have lost money in angel investing concluded that only a small minority (10%) of angels investing through our group have lost, or are on track to lose, money in aggregate.That’s not a trivial number –...

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Tracking Angel Returns – piling in?

In a follow up to this post, we need to explain why the 22% annualized rate of return for angels in groups is possible – and doesn’t get “competed away” when everyone finds out about it and piles in. My theory is that it’s very hard to “pile in” to early stage...

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Tracking Angel Returns – data biases?

IRRs of 20%+ sound unlikely. If angels were really doing that, wouldn’t they have followed hedge fund managers to Puerto Rico or the Caymans?Maybe - although a 3x return on a $10,000 investment, which is the median investment made by an investor in VentureSouth...

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