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Membership Dues
  • Annual ($2500) – you’ll receive a dues invoice from Finsync (might go to your spam folder).
    • You’re welcome to pay:
    • Online  ACH payment link on the Finsync invoice
    • Check make payable to VentureSouth
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  • Monthly ($215/month) – you’ll receive a dues invoice from Stripe for credit card payments.

Your card will be automatically charged on a monthly basis (min of 12 months).  If after a year you need to cancel your membership, please just let us know.  Otherwise, your membership will automatically renew.  At that time, dues payment means you are re-affirming the accreditation certification you made when first joining VentureSouth. 

  • Venture360 (Investor Deal Portal) – you’ll receive a registration email from Venture360 (might go to your spam folder). When registering your account, you’ll create your own password.  

Venture360 is the place to access information on companies in our portfolio as well as diligence reports, open rounds, etc.  Since you will have your own account, you can monitor your portfolio and retrieve your documents (K-1’s and signed agreements).  You must register your account in order to have full access.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Caroline Efird – caroline@venturesouth.vc


We are excited to have you as a member and hope you enjoy being an angel investor with us.  While we cannot guarantee positive investment returns, we can guarantee that we will work hard to help you Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good!


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The VentureSouth Team 

Managing Directors:

Matt Dunbar – matt@venturesouth.vc

Paul Clark – paul@venturesouth.vc 
Charlie Banks – charlie@venturesouth.vc

Investor Relations – Caroline Efird – caroline@venturesouth.vc

Marketing – Devon Smith – devon@venturesouth.vc

Operations – Samantha Boensch – samantha@venturesouth.vc    

Pipeline & Diligence – Kevin Meinecke – kevin@venturesouth.vc  

Portfolio Manager – Alex Biermann – alex@venturesouth.vc