Venturesouth Angel Fund ii

The VentureSouth Angel Fund II is the successor fund to the Palmetto Angel Fund. It follows the same investment strategy of investing in high-growth Southeastern startups alongside VentureSouth's angel groups.


The fund has a target of 15-20 early-stage investments in Southeastern companies. It invests in any industry but is focused on manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare businesses in order to leverage the combined expertise of the angel investors in our groups.


The fund invests up to a 1:1 match of investments of $100,000 or more made by at least ten VentureSouth members. The VentureSouth team provides additional diligence, auditing, valuation, investment execution, portfolio monitoring, and exit preparation expertise.


The fund is a professionally-managed investment vehicle with competitive terms:

  • accredited investors - including those not in an angel group
  • $50,000 minimum commitment
  • 3-4 year deployment period, 10 year fund life
  • below market fees for comparable early stage investment vehicles


The fund is actively investing. It currently has eleven portfolio companies, which you can review here.

Investor Login

Investors can login to the VentureSouth Angel Fund II on Proseeder here.