Palmetto Angel 2014 fund Portfolio

Proterra (Greenville, SC) designs and manufactures world-leading, advanced technology heavy-duty vehicles powered solely by clean domestic fuels - the zero-emission “bus of tomorrow” that helps transit agencies deliver clean, quiet running, rider- and neighborhood-friendly vehicles

OBMedical (Gainesville, FL) is a medical device company commercializing the LaborView™ sensor system – a wireless, electrode-based, electronic maternal-fetal monitor sensor replacement system that measures labor contractions and the heart rates of both mother and child. SUCCESSFULLY EXITED 2018.

Zipit (Greenville, SC) provides messaging solutions for critical healthcare settings, particularly EMS and hospitals, replacing pagers and text messaging when communication is crucial

Pandoodle (Columbia, SC) is a computer vision technology company that provides image and video analysis, recognition, and dynamic advertising customization. Pandoodle's technology allows placement of brand information within live-streaming videos

Baebies (Durham, NC) uses a unique digital microfluidics technology to improve the screening of newborn babies for rare diseases. The technology is already improving the lives of children across the US - and has the potential to save millions of lives across the world

KIYATEC (Greenville, SC) is driving the future of clinical cancer diagnostics by developing 3D cell cultures - and attempting to prove that they provide more accurate prediction of patient-specific response to cancer treatments. 

ActivEd (Greenville, SC) has created "Walkabouts" - on-demand adventures that transform math, language, and literacy concepts into "kinesthetic" movement-based learning. 


NIRvana Sciences (Durham, NC) is a fluorescent dye technology company that is developing novel dyes that advance the field of multiplexing.

Go Pivot fka Rival Health (Raleigh, NC) is a wellness platform for improving employee health and productivity through daily exercise and nutrition coaching.

Friyay fka TipHive (Greenville, SC) is an online platform for knowledge sharing within enterprises. It lets you create, share, find, organize and collaborate around content that matters.

Pharmright (Charleston, SC) is the maker of the LIVI automated medication dispenser.

Servosity (Greenville, SC) is a company that provides backup and disaster recovery software to small and medium businesses using streaming technology.

Atlas Organic (Spartanburg, SC) is a food waste management company. It collects food waste from grocery stores, hospitals, school districts, and corporate cafeterias, composts it in its own facility, and sells the resulting organic soil amendment. It leads the "table to farm" movement.

Booster (Charleston, SC) is the first crowdfunding platform that combines live streaming and ecommerce. The platform helps politicians raise donations, non-profits raise funds, and retailers engage with potential customers.

Target PharmaSolutions (Raleigh, NC) is a clinical data management company with a new "disease state" approach to Phase IV and postmarketing studies. SUCCESSFULLY EXITED 2018.

Emrgy Inc (Atlanta, GA) is a hydrokinetic power generation company with a proprietary magnetic gear box technology.

FarmShots (Durham, NC) turns satellite imagery into actionable intelligence for farmers, to help them pinpoint and diagnose potential problems with their crops. SUCCESSFULLY EXITED 2018.

Sensory Analytics (Greensboro, NC) measures the thickness of coatings applied during manufacturing processes using its SpecMetrix system.