Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good. A Vendor Registry case study.

Our motto is Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good.

These things can happen at the same time. The FarmShots acquisition, for example, Made Money from an attractive investment return on a company Doing Good in improving farm yields, reducing crop losses, and making food cheaper.

For Do Good, a lot of attention on “startups’ impact” is focused on job creation, which is great – startups create all net new jobs. But there are underappreciated effects from improved technologies from startups impacting our region. This case study shows one.

Vendor Registry provides a platform for local government entities to procure services more efficiently. This is how they saved Myrtle Beach $90,000.

New technology saves a local government $90,000 on one project. That’s $90,000 saved for other improvements to Myrtle Beach; or $90,000 off the burden for local taxpayers. Done Good.

And at the same time provided a way for a smaller nearby company to find new business. Done Good.

Scale that up across the $1.6 TRILLION spent by local government entities every year and pretty soon you’re talking real money! And scale up across the millions of qualified vendors that could be providing services but aren’t and pretty soon you’re talking local economic development. Done Good.