Team Testimonial- Kevin Meinecke

Kevin Meinecke is from Norwalk Iowa, a town just outside of Des Moines. Growing up, Kevin played every sport he could get his hands on, but he ended up enjoying soccer the most. Soccer had a large impact on his life; Kevin moved away from home to Minnesota for his last three years of high school to play for an academy. He then attended SMU in Dallas to play soccer on a collegiate level. Even though Kevin attended SMU, he remains an Iowa State sports fan which, he says, has taught him patience…

While in college, Kevin had internships across many industries including real estate, corporate finance, and politics. However, his favorite internship was with a VC firm in Dallas. SMU wasn’t a target for VC but, fortunately, a professor turned mentor started the Furman Institute of Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Through the new institute, Kevin was introduced to VentureSouth. Kevin enjoyed the mission and team, and immediately wanted to join. In August of 2019, Kevin joined as an operations manager/ analyst. Last year, he transitioned to leading VentureSouth’s deal pipeline and due diligence.

Kevin’s favorite part of his job is meeting with founders; every meeting is interesting, and he always learns something new. When asked what he likes to do in his spare time Kevin said “I’ve recently become a fan of niche sports like Spike Ball and Disc Golf so fingers-crossed for an ESPN2 debut in the near future. I also enjoy reading about political history.”