Team Testimonial- Alex Biermann

Alex Biermann is VentureSouth’s Director of Portfolio. Alex was born in Fayetteville, NC which is where he currently resides. He arrived at VentureSouth via VentureSouth’s Fayetteville market director, Marty Cayton. After graduating with his MBA from the University of Virginia, he moved back to his hometown. Because his parents already knew the Fayetteville market director, Alex had that connection to VentureSouth. He reached out to Marty in hopes of finding local job opportunities, and he ended up asking Alex if I would help him with the VentureSouth Fayetteville group that had recently launched. A few months in, Marty encouraged Alex to apply for a position with VentureSouth, and soon after Alex started in his current role.

 Alex’s favorite part of his job is an inside look at so many interesting companies. “We have a large, diverse portfolio, and it’s enjoyable (and a great educational experience) to hear updates from and interact with our portfolio CEOs, see the questions posed to them by our members and staff, and read investor reports and company financials.”

In his spare time, Alex enjoys traveling (he has been to 27 U.S. states and 18 countries),  as well as playing pickup sports, and being involved in his local church.