Portfolio news – Summer 2017

More milestones, awards, and good publicity over the last few weeks for the entrepreneurs working hard over the summer.Emrgy: Emrgy's installation of a turbine in a canal for Denver Water generated plenty of local press and coverage in trade publications. You can even...

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Portfolio news – May 2017

The spring continues to be productive for VentureSouth's portfolio companies. Here is a recap of recent progress on marketing and product developmentPlum Print: received nationwide exposure in the Washington Post (subsequently re-circulated through the Rockies in the...

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Portfolio news – June 2016

Marketing news from Zipit and Avadim, and a milestone for Atlas Organics this month:Atlas: Come and see the grand opening of Atlas Organics' composting facility at the Twin Chimneys next week. Details are here. Yes, it's a big pile of composting food and yard waste,...

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Portfolio news – May 2016

Several VentureSouth portfolio companies have had positive announcements and press recently, so quickly wanted to share our congratulations on their continued hard work and success.KIYATEC: Announced their Scientific Advisory Board, adding more world class talent to...

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Zipit’s progress

Congratulations to Zipit, a portfolio company of SCAN and the Palmetto Angel Fund, on the two partnerships it has announced publicly in March.Today GSA BizWire covered its partnership with Iron Bow Technologies, which aims to make acquisition of its primary Enterprise...

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