Management fees

Venture Capital management fees: a wrap up

To wrap up this series in a few bullet points.VentureSouth makes mistakes. We thought our step-down approach when defining the management fee for our sidecar funds was universal market practice; but it is not.It turns out that some VCs are greedy (who would have...

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Venture Capital management fees: the verdict

Who do we think is right? After considering this new evidence, I’m willing to concede that VentureSouth’s view was wrong and the step-down approach is very far from universal.The most recent plausible survey that covers these issues that I’ve found is the “Different”...

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Venture Capital management fees: the evidence

The evidenceBefore I dived back into research, I thought the evidence would overwhelmingly support the “VentureSouth view.” My evidence included:Advice from our counsel when we were forming the first VentureSouth sidecar fund in 2014 that the “step down approach” was...

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