RollingSouth’s Differentiators 

There are dozens of Rolling Funds listed on AngelList. What does RollingSouth offer that these other funds do not? Here are our four key differentiators. 

1. Southeastern focus 
  • Positive demographics and economic performance plus entrepreneurial dynamism give the southeast great tailwinds: there are many reasons “Techxodus” is seeing people move here. 
  • Diversified deal flow at lower valuations than major markets, in industries the southeast specializes in. 
2. Aligned with the leading angel group in the region 
  • VentureSouth: a top 10 angel group in North America, with over 400 members, proven processes, a mature track record, and investment relationships with every investor in the region. 
3. Team 
  • Established team of experienced angel investors active in this market. 
4. Established track record: 
  • Over $50 million invested in 80 companies in the region, with positive ROI and cash returns. 

Many Rolling Fund have impressive founders, but few combine all these unfair advantages in one place. We will unpack each of them in more detail over the next posts.