RollingSouth’s Differentiators – Team 

Rolling Fund managers are an intimidatingly impressive roster of talented entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers. What does the RollingSouth team bring that others do not?  

  • Team: RollingSouth is led by VentureSouth – whose three-person team have worked together for 7 years – and David Grisell, a long-standing member of VentureSouth. We are not a solo-GP or a new partnership; we’re an established team. 
  • Full time: angel investing is not our side hustle or a hobby; this is what we do, full time, every day. 
  • Angel investing history: we are not new investors learning how to invest on your dime; we’ve been doing this for decades!
  • Experience in the southeastern market: we are not recent transplants developing relationships or establishing a brand in the southeast.