RollingSouth’s Differentiators – Angel Groups 

Rolling Funds affiliated with angel groups are unusual; most are individuals, operators, or celebrities!  

Why does being affiliated with an angel group, and specifically with VentureSouth, help a Rolling Fund?  

Not to blow our own trumpets too much, but here are just three of the reasons why we think having VentureSouth on your side is a help: 

  1. Having rounds led by an experienced investment group help entrepreneurs get rounds funded on reasonable terms. 
  2. Having a lead investor with established relationships with all the local funding sources helps later fundraising; and an existing investor enthusiastic to participate in follow-on rounds helps too. 
  3. Having 400 angels on your side gives entrepreneurs a better chance of finding the connection, advice, suggestion or introduction they need.  

VentureSouth, a top 10 angel group in North America, with over 400 members and a professional full time team whose job and mission it is to make their investments successful, can bring much value to portfolio companies.