VentureSouth Membership


Angel investors fund early stage companies to generate investment returns. Our members have realized gains similar to several studies that found 20%+ annual rates of return for angel investors in groups.

Early stage companies fail, so investing is risky. However, investors can give themselves a better chance of success with a disciplined process, rigorous diligence, and diversification. That’s what VentureSouth provides.


VentureSouth members hear new ideas from talented, passionate entrepreneurs creating the future and building exciting companies.

Our members relish evaluating these new businesses and using their experience to help advise, coach, and support entrepreneurs.

Our members tell us a key part of VentureSouth is the learning from our network of experienced business leaders and community advocates across the Southeast.


Net job creation economy comes from young companies that grow fast. Our members “do good” by supporting new ventures that develop technologies to solve real problems while creating local jobs and wealth.

The Southeast is under-served by venture capital, meaning our members fill a critical gap in supporting startups that would otherwise relocate or not survive without these resources.