VentureSouth portfolio news - summer 2018

KIYATEC led the big news this summer, with the admittance of the first patients to its first clinical trial. Learn more here and in Bloomberg.

Other portfolio companies continued their impressive momentum too:

Kwipped - featured in Hypepotamus, a tech start-up site, and are entering the metrology equipment market.

Proterra - announced a sale to Toronto Transit Commission, are offering high-powered charging systems, are helping create double-decker electric buses, and are delivering buses in Dallas, to the Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority, and in Chicago. Keep rollin'.

Spiffy - New portfolio company (announced here) launched its Spiffy Blue, an on-board diagnostics sensor that will monitor your vehicle's health information. This announcement was also picked up by the Triangle Business Journal.

New portfolio company Emergo Therapeutics was featured in The Triangle's WRAL TechWire - another stellar entrepreneurial management team that we're pleased to add to the VentureSouth portfolio.

TiO - has teamed up with Level Homes in the Triangle. Their product was also added to a new home for a wounded veteran and his family through Operation Coming Home.

Threatswitch continues to roll out new features - this month smart filtered views.

Livi is a life-saver - and available on Amazon.

And Reveal Mobile and Proaxion are on the main stage at the CED Tech Conference in September.

VentureSouth investment in Threatswitch

We are delighted to announce officially VentureSouth's investment in Threatswitch. You can learn more from the Charlotte Business Journal here (thanks Caroline Hudson for your interest!) and below is a copy of the press release.

This is an exciting transaction for VentureSouth. The first and most important reason is to be able to work with John Dillard and his team of "JCs" - Jessica, Jonathan, James - and others, to make NISPOM compliance easier and all of us a little more secure!

We're also delighted to have led the round based on a major investment from VentureSouth Charlotte, which is really hitting its stride; to have invested with the Venture Capital Multiplier fund and other new partners; and to have oversubscribed the round in record time, so John can move from fundraising to execution quickly.

This investment demonstrates the power of the VentureSouth model: lots of angels bring capital and expertise + thorough but rapid diligence + efficient investment structuring = capital deployment + wealth creation + job growth.

Best of luck John...



VentureSouth invests in Threatswitch, a Charlotte-based compliance software platform


Contact: Mac Lackey

Charlotte, N.C. – VentureSouth and Threatswitch are pleased to announce that the angel investment network has led an investment in the Charlotte-based software platform.

VentureSouth is an angel investment firm that invests in early stage companies across the Carolinas. Its Queen City affiliate, VentureSouth Charlotte, was launched in 2016 and its members have already invested in over a dozen companies.

The most recent was in Threatswitch, a security and compliance software platform for defense contractors and other heavily-regulated companies. VentureSouth led, and were the largest investors in, an oversubscribed investment round of $1.2 million. The round included both existing investors and new supporters including the North Carolina Venture Capital Multiplier Fund, Chapel Hill investor Alston Gardner, and Washington, DC-based Riverbend Capital.

John Dillard, Founder and CEO of Threatswitch, announced the investment. “We are delighted to have completed a substantial capital round to grow our business, and to be working with VentureSouth. Their thorough but efficient diligence process, their investment structure, and their connections and fundraising guidance have already been immensely valuable to Threatswitch. I’m excited about using this capital to continue growing a great business.”

Mac Lackey, Venture Partner at VentureSouth and leader of VentureSouth Charlotte, commented that “Having been an entrepreneur in Charlotte my whole life, I was excited to launch a VentureSouth group here. Since our first meeting in 2016, our members have been able to build a diverse portfolio of investments, including several in Charlotte. John and the Threatswitch team are talented entrepreneurs of the caliber we need to continue growing Charlotte’s entrepreneurial community.”

VentureSouth has invested over $25 million in 60 companies to date. To learn more about VentureSouth please visit; to learn more about Threatswitch please visit