KIYATEC's clinical trial milestone

We are proud to celebrate KIYATEC's announcement that it has begun admitting patients to its first clinical trial.

You can learn more about the new trial studying KIYATEC's ability to predict treatment outcomes for certain cancer patients in its press release, on KIYATEC's website, and in other coverage.

This is a major milestone for KIYATEC, and the culmination of several years of painstaking and groundbreaking work developing and validating its technologies and predictive capabilities.

As the coverage in Bloomberg notes, it is also a great story of collaboration between hospital systems, state/funding entities, private capital like VentureSouth's members ($1.5M invested and counting!), scientific talent, the National Cancer Institute, and many more.

Many years of hard work are ahead, but being able to predict which drugs will be most effective on an individual's cancer will be worth the effort. Keep up the good work!