ANGEL Investors

Angel investors come from all walks of life and have varied backgrounds and interests. While they must all be "accredited" per the SEC's definition, the most important thing they share is an interest in making good investments and in helping local early stage companies succeed.


  • VentureSouth includes more than 300 investing members across a dozen local angel groups and three “sidecar” co-investment funds

  • Our members include over 100 company founders and C-level executives

  • Our members have expertise in every functional area of business, from operations to technology to finance, and across many industries from aerospace to education

  • Member information always remains confidential

Investors' Obligations

VentureSouth members can be as actively involved in any aspect of our process as they wish:

  • No obligation to invest in any company at any time (but we hope all will participate)

  • No obligation to serve on any diligence team (but volunteers enjoy the intellectual challenge)

  • No obligation to work directly with any of the portfolio companies (but members who serve on boards and as advisors enjoy it and can add great value)

Investment levels

The minimum individual investment to participate in any VentureSouth deal is $5,000 (and we will only invest in a company if members collectively commit $100,000 or more).

The median investment from all the investments made by our members (of over 1,800 separate investments) is $10,000. Learn more about that here.

Where do our groups SOURCE Investment capital?

  • Private individuals making their own investment decisions - 100%