New Member Orientation

Thank you for joining VentureSouth - we are delighted to have you aboard!

This page aims to guide you through the processes, resources, and technology we use at VentureSouth, to help you begin your learning and investing activity.





We have a lot of meetings at VentureSouth, so keeping track of everything can be challenging. The best place to learn what’s happening is the Member Calendar

  • The basic cadence is a meeting each month - in-person during the second and third weeks of the month and an interactive online version on the third Tuesday

  • On the member calendar, you can see VentureSouth-wide events (like the online meeting, educational events, or deal-specific events) in blue, and specific meetings in cities in other colors; you can “unsee” locations if the calendar looks too crowded

  • It helps us a lot if you RSVP, which you can do in any calendar entry by “Sign Up”. Thanks in advance!



Introductory information on open rounds is on our open rounds page. There are usually several open rounds available for investors.

This page links back to our deal management platform, Venture360, where we manage deal flow, document storage, and portfolio monitoring. Access is here:

  • To access the first time, click the link in the registration email that was sent to you directly from the platform. Enter your email and create a password (the VentureSouth staff cannot access your password). 

  • Review the Venture 360 User Guide for a quick-start guide to navigating the system, and once logged in you can find additional help by click the blue icon on the bottom right of any page

  • We appreciate this platform is not perfect. We are building our own in 2019.



If you find a deal you would like to invest in, you follow three steps.

  1. Notification. Send any VentureSouth staff member an email letting us know which deal(s) you are interested in. We will then send you the document signature links. Click here to email Cara.

  2. Documents.

    • From 2019, all VentureSouth members will invest through VentureSouth's investment entity, VentureSouth Investments 2019 LLC. This entity is governed by an operating agreement, which you can review at this link.

    • Members invest into the "Series" relating to the specific company you want. You complete an admission agreement to become part of that Series.

    • You can learn more about investment entities, series, and other legal structures in the Investment Overview document

  3. Funding.

  • Once we've received your signature, we will send you an online ACH payment link for the funding. This comes from our payment platform called FINSYNC, so keep an eye on your spam folder!

  • Click on "View Invoice", set up your account (it's free), and make the payment. If any problems, the user guide may help solve them; or email us for tech support.

  • If you'd rather pay by check, please send it to my address below, payable to VentureSouth Investments 2019 LLC, and please remember to include the 4% additional contribution.


Educational materials

We have a lot of educational events, mostly delivered in-person through Venture Carolina. We try to do an in-person education meeting in every city each quarter.

Every month we run an online seminar tackling a particular topic of angel investing. Recordings of recent ones are at the links below, password angels.

The Angel Investing Glossary is a helpful resource for understanding potentially unfamiliar terms you are likely to hear.

Our blog has plenty more content, and the places on our “resources” page, particularly the Angel Capital Association, have lots more great content.



If these resources have not answered your questions, please contact us at any time - we are more than happy to get you the answers you need. And once again, thanks for joining VentureSouth!  We're here to help you Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good.