Venturesouth midlands


VentureSouth Midlands is a professionally-managed, membership-based group of angel investors in Columbia and the surrounding area. VentureSouth Midlands is a member of the Angel Capital Association.



VentureSouth Midlands officially launched in 2014. The group's nearly-40 members have been investing in innovative startups that have the potential to disrupt and transform markets since 2014. 



VentureSouth Midlands is run by Charlie Banks and is a collaboration between VentureSouth leadership and several members whose leadership and determination led to the creation of a new - and sustainable - group in the state's capital.  



Members in VentureSouth Midlands come from a broad range of backgrounds and interest:

  • Multiple members who are claiming the title "angel investor" for the first time 
  • Members with 20+ years of experience investing in early stage companies
  • Over half our members have been founders and CEOs of companies
  • Other backgrounds consist of financial investment professionals, hospice operators; valuation experts, real estate experts, management consultants, and brewers.



This group meets monthly, by invitation only, on the third Wednesday each month. To attend a meeting please contact us. To pitch to the group, please review our process



Members can access our deal flow and portfolio platform by signing in to Venture 360.