Tip #97: Testimonials

Tip 97: Testimonials. Pitchers love to show off testimonials. Investors often think they’re pointless. Sometimes they actually hurt a presentation.

Testimonials are long and text heavy – they take up a lot of slide space and pitching time – and are a golden opportunity to read aloud what is on the screen. As you know by now, this is all bad.

Testimonials are often anonymous. “Makes my job easier, recovers money and it costs ---nothing?? What’s not to love?” With no attribution at all, these are worth absolutely nothing.

Even with “Brian J., Phoenix” we have no way to know if this is a real testimonial, and even if it’s real why should I care what Brian says?

If you’re resorting to testimonials, the implication is you don’t have more compelling forms of traction – like paying customers. You can show 10 glowing quotes: but why aren’t they 10 paying customers? What is wrong with your business model or sales strategy that is prevent people that clearly love your product from buying it?

Tip 97: Make testimonials convincing, or take them out.