Tip #82: Minimum investment

Tip 82: Deal structure – the “minimum investment”.

Notice anything these two extracts from "deal terms" slides have in common that we haven’t discussed so far?

Tip 82: Remove the "minimum investment" when you’re pitching to us.

Why? Because our minimum investment (when aggregating our members' investments together) is around $150,000. It's not a good sign if we can get $100-150k of investment appetite from our members, so if we have $50k at the end of the process we are likely to pass. Either way, it’s up to us to choose our minimum investment amount. 

On top of that, the minimum investment individually for a member of our groups is $5,000. None of those figures are your minimum investment. Why make life complicated for people? We know our investment requirements; take this one of yours out.

(As an aside, these extracts were pretty good, but you can probably see by now some areas for improvement, in addition to losing the “minimum investment”. The left failed to say what kind of valuation (pre-$ or post-$) - which was a materially different result on these early kinds of investments. The right has needless words (“will be”), weak phrasing (“seeking to”), unnecessary characters (12 zeros), and a distracting typos (two spaces after Valuation). But overall pretty good efforts.)