Tip #92: Iterating

Tip 92: Iteration during fundraising. It is perfectly fine to improve and refine your pitch during fundraising. This can be iterative or revolutionary; it can be from feedback received, or it can be because you never quite feel that the exit strategy slide is getting the response you think it merits.

Watching a pitch evolve and improve can be extremely illuminating for the VentureSouth team. If we see you learning, improving, and progressing, we will find ways to convey this to our members too.

But iterations can’t be is rushed: don’t make last minute changes, because you can’t get them right (last minute changes always have typos) and you can’t practice them.

And don’t send over a new version of the deck an hour before pitch time. We probably won’t get it, so mid pitch you’ll have to resort to “hmm, this isn’t the most recent version of the deck but never mind.” This immediately raises flags about your preparedness and reliability – even if it’s not entirely your fault.

You also can't change the fundamental content. Don't change the use of funds, sales channels, deal terms, or anything else that’s critical to the plan. You’re a business, not an idea being blown around in the wind.