Tip #94: Cutesiness

Tip 94: Miscellaneous tips – “cutseyness”. It is not easy to deliver a professional angel group pitch. It is impossible to do it while delivering 30 minutes of stand-up comedy.

We often see attempted humor during pitches – some work, some don’t. If they don’t, you’re in trouble – so why not just stick to the “professional” approach?

Along with this, many pitch decks have some attempts at irreverence or informality that seem cutesy at best and immature at worst. This can range from strange pictures through to meaningless icons to childish animations. Tip: remember you’re asking investors for real money!

More subtly, cutesiness can also be small things like not including the last names of the team (like Brian CEO, Jake CTO). This might “personalize” the pitch, but it becomes annoying in diligence when I want to start investigating the team’s background.