Entrepreneur resources

Homework and preparation is required to raise capital from sophisticated investors like professional angel groups and venture capital funds.

Here is some assistance when starting that homework.

First, please review our Pitching Process to see if you are a fit for our group, and our Sources of Capital page to explore other nearby sources of capital for which you might be better suited.

Second, please enjoy our book "Perfecting Your Pitch: 101 Tips for Pitching to Angel Investors." You can enjoy snippets on our How To Pitch page.

If that just whets your appetite, below is an entrepreneur reading list. Don't buy them from Amazon.

Angel investing

Understanding what angels are trying to achieve is key to pitching successful to them.

David Rose - Angel Investing
Brian Cohen Angel Investor

The introductions to angel investing by David Rose and Brian Cohen are good places to start.


Deal terms and structure

Obviously it is important to understand what a typical angel investment deal looks like.

Venture Deals

Brad Feld's book is the definitive resource for understanding venture deals - and therefore angel deals. We also like Wilmerding on term sheets and valuations.

Being an entrepreneur

There are millions of guides on how to be an entrepreneur. Some of our favorites are:

Blumberg Startup CEO

The Exit

Last - and too often least when preparing to engage with investors - is exit strategy. There are a few decent guides to exit preparation and strategy. Built to Sell is a good one.



Other Resources

Startup Valuation Calculator by Cayenne Consulting. The firm also has several other useful materials available.