AngelList Syndicate: Why?

2)     Why is VentureSouth doing this?

Why are you doing it? We have several reasons for attempting to create our AngelList syndicate.

First, it’s an experiment to see if we can. There are very few syndicates outside of Silicon Valley and NYC. We’re hoping to prove that they can be a valuable structure in underserved markets like the Carolinas.

Second, everyone recognizes the perennial “lack of capital” problem in the Southeast. There are only so many people interested in angel investing, and only so many in-person angel groups that we can operate cost-effectively. This might be a way to increase the amount of capital available for startups without requiring new infrastructure (or government handouts).

Third, to help the portfolio companies in which we invest raise their profile in the funding communities outside of the Carolinas

Fourth, to expand VentureSouth’s reach to potential investors outside of our physical groups. We don’t have groups in smaller and larger markets that are uneconomical for us to reach … but now people in those places can access (some of) our deal opportunities if they like the look of them.

Lastly, for fun. This seems like something that we would enjoy doing.

Aren’t you a bit late to this party?  Yes. Brad Feld did his three years ago, and other syndicates have been around a while and proven to be interesting. However, we are treading new ground as there few syndicates looking at southeastern deals, and we are always interested in ways to make angel investing more accessible and lucrative for investors.