AngelList Syndicate: Why Back It?

3)     Why should we back your syndicate?

So why would we back your deals? Simply because we are one of the largest, most experienced, professionally-led, and proven angel groups in the United States!

Our full time team have done this for nearly a decade; our over 200 members provide an exceptional pool of brains to analyze companies – and help them grow once we invested; and we’ve sold companies and generated quick exits and positive returns for investors. 

Are there other syndicates looking at SE deals? Not really. We can only find one other syndicate based in a southeastern state (Pomp’s); there are none in SC, GA, TN, AL, WV, KY, and even FL and VA.

The ACA Halo report (pdf) tells us that 12% of angel deals are from the southeast. These are deals not being picked over by every syndicate already. Proprietary dealflow? Check.

And the same report tells us that average valuations for angel deals in the southeast are 20% below national averages - and 25% below New York. Reasonable prices? Check.

What about investments in specific deals? For each opportunity available to our syndicate, we provide a brief “investment thesis” covering what was most attractive about the company in the opinion of our members who chose to invest.