AngelList Syndicate: How It Works

This week, VentureSouth is launching our AngelList syndicate. You can learn more about it on AngelList, our website overview page, and in a series of blog posts explaining how it works, why we’re doing it, and why you should consider investing. 

1)     How it works

What is an AngelList syndicate?  It is an opportunity for investors – those that already use AngelList and those who might be interested in doing so – to coinvest alongside VentureSouth members in our portfolio companies.

How does it work?  Once you register with the platform, you can see the investment opportunities that we make available and, if you like what you read, invest in the company. You can invest as little as $2,000 in our syndicate. AngelList’s guide to syndicates is here, and there are many other sources to learn about the pros and cons.

Will you share every deal on the platform?  No. Not every company we invest in is suitable for a syndicate. In many cases, the rounds are fully funded from our in-person angel groups and funds; in other cases, VentureSouth members comprise a small part of a round led by another group, so it isn’t appropriate for us to help “lead” the company in raising money; in others cases, we might invest in a bridge round or later stage financing that doesn’t fit on AngelList.

So which deals will you put on?  Investments we are leading or co-leading in companies raising true “angel rounds” where there is a small but meaningful gap in funding that remains after we have invested. This is likely to apply particularly in companies where there are few specialist investors in the Southeast – consumer-related companies, ecommerce apps, or green/sustainability companies, for example.

What does it cost? It costs nothing to “back” the syndicate and stay informed about the deals available. If you choose to invest in a particular opportunity (for which the minimum investment is $2,500), you will share in the fee that AngelList charges to set up its investment vehicle. (How much you pay depends on your share of the total amount invested through the investment vehicle.) VentureSouth charges no fee for this.

If the deal pays off, you get your capital back and this fee refunded; you then pay a “carry” of 20% on the profits of the deal to AngelList and/or VentureSouth.

Sounds interesting. How can we back the syndicate? Follow this link, do your diligence, and sign up. We look forward to working with you!