Paul Clark

Non-dilutive funding: wrap up

There are lots of other resources for exploring non-dilutive funding. While this is a bit outside of our remit at VentureSouth, we strongly encourage you to try them. The basic resources include:The SBIR/STTR website - SC, SCRA’s grant programs...

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Non-dilutive funding: up next

Thanks Tyler for yesterday’s comprehensive overview of SBIR/STTR grants. These awards are great in themselves, allowing experimentation to be tried, ideas to be tested, and potential to be commercialized. But they are also important because they can be leveraged:...

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Non-dilutive funding: introduction

When a company sells newly-created shares to VentureSouth, the existing investors in the company get “diluted” – they own a smaller part of the overall “pie” of shares.Non-dilutive funding means money coming into a company that does not cause a similar dilution. It...

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Non-dilutive funding: an overview

When a company “takes” money from an angel group or a venture capital fund, or those investors “bet” on a particular startup, there is (hopefully!) no theft and no gambling involved. These cliches are used to describe something less glamorous: a sale of shares in a...

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Convertible note caps

The “default setting” for entrepreneurs raising capital is to propose a convertible note. If you know about VentureSouth and many other early stage investors, you might know our “default” response then would be “no thanks.” Following Matt’s definitive case against...

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