Tip #39: Avoid the re-ask

Tip 39: Avoid the re-ask. You gave a concise and convincing answer to a question in Q&A. But then you asked the interrogator, “Does that answer your question?” Tip: don’t do that.

If your answer did address the question, asking and getting a “yes” simply wastes a couple more seconds (best case).

More likely (middle case), your question came to try to rescue an enjoyable ramble along a tangent that had eventually petered out – and asking merely forces the questioner to highlight to everyone that your answer was ineffective.

Worst case of all is that asking prompts the questioner to say something long-winded and irrelevant and burn up another minute of your pitching time. In my opinion, it’s better just to answer then move on. If the questioner really isn’t satisfied, they can ask a follow-up.