Tip #38: Short answers

Tip 38: Short answers. A question is not just an opportunity to talk more. (1) Answer the question. (2) Stop talking. (3) Take the next question.

Don’t be rude, obviously. But almost no question needs more than a few sentences or seconds to tackle. Long rambling answers quickly undo all the efficient pitching you did earlier.

Answer questions in the form of “simple clear answer followed by (limited) nuance.” People remember the clear answer if it comes immediately.

Questioner: Do you provide other chiropractic services?

Good Answer: “No, we provide only back rubs today. Our product roadmap includes additional chiropractic services launching later this year, with a full line of services in place by 2018.”

Weak Answer: “Well, we would like to provide a comprehensive range of chiropractice services – we’re very excited about the possibility of becoming a one-stop-shop for all back-related treatments. Once we hire additional staff we can add more services…drone drone drone.”