Tip #15: No demo videos

Tip 15: No demo videos. Almost always, doing a "demo video" is a mistake.

First, potential investors have come to hear you and ask questions, not watch a youtube video, listen to the voice-over guy, or sequence of testimonials.

Second, almost every time a 3-minute demo video is used it’s the generic sales video. Helpful for potential customers so they can sign up online, but this is a different audience with a different goal - and a generic demo is not necessarily an effective way to reach the goal.

Thirdly, videos present problems of logistics. If they work, which they often don't as synching videos with audio that people can hear in a conference room is no easy task, demo videos lose momentum and use up time switching between presenters. Then another 15 seconds are wasted moving slides back in and getting re-calibrated.

And then finally, to compound a sub-optimal start, the entrepreneur will then almost always launch into their “Intro to Us and Our Product” slide – duplicating the info we already have.

So now we are ~5 minutes into the pitch, and still on slide 1. This is not going to end on time.