Tip #47: Mind the gaps

Tip 47: Team gaps. Most likely you won’t be raising angel capital with a complete team in place. As part of your team slide, you need to address where the gaps are and how you will fill them. Most pitches don’t bother.

For example, a CEO and CTO two-person team creates and company, builds the MVP, sells the first five customers, and creates a go-to-market plan that requires funding to hire an inside sales force to go sell. Great – perfect time to ask for angel investment.

But who that sales person is isn’t mentioned. How can we endorse your go-to-market plan without that key ingredient?

You may not have an individual hired, which is understandable. But in that case, tell us who the individual you’ve identified is – or at least what their background is. Don’t have someone in mind? Then we need to know what characteristics and qualifications your sales leader has, so that we can judge the probability of you finding someone from the local talent pool.

Not addressing these gaps head on leads to (best case) probing Q&A and (worst case) lost credibility: “these guys have no idea how to go sell this thing.”