Tip #56: To whom do you sell?

Tip 56: How do you sell to the purchaser? Following on from the last tip, we need to know how you sell. This cover both the process (this tip) and the messaging (next one).

For process, a diagram can be effective. A sales funnel with key activities / responsibilities, for example, works well. List scraping -> automated emails through Mailchimp -> automated follow-up using Hubspot -> call to schedule a demo from geographical sales leader -> automatic sending of contract -> closing manager. You need to prove your sales methods are profitable, scalable, and replicable.

But a diagram accompanied by lots of prose defeats the object of a diagram. Don't do that.

And you need to have some granularity here. "We will hire a sales team" or use of funds "sales and marketing" is common and inadequate.

The best diagrams include conversion rates. Nothing shows you know how to sell better than productivity statistics and rates of prospects moving through your funnel.