Tip #19: Easy file format

Tip 19: File format. In general, standalone desktop files, ideally pdfs, are the way to go on the pitch and on all diligence-related documents. Over 50% of operating systems are still Windows-based. Why send me a file there is a good chance I can’t open easily?

Online-only decks are also not really welcome. They’re not easily downloaded, shared internally within our team and screening angels, annotated, printed etc - and hopeless when the internet connection is lost (tip 16).

Prezi (the execuable version not the online) is borderline OK – if you’ve ironed out all the potential snafus ahead of time and you’re confident the 2010 laptop running window 7 can handle the 80MB file. Again why take that risk?

And lastly again remember the context from tip 3. Clicking my way through countless animations or moving slides in a presentation I’m reading alone is annoying and distracting.