Tip #41: Handle critical questions smoothly

Tip 41: Handling critical questions. VentureSouth isn’t shark tank, but you should expect skepticism and critical questions. Sometimes these questions are asked deliberately provocatively to see if you have a thin skin or diplomatic aplomb. If you are confident you are correct, say so (respectfully) – ideally with proving evidence.

Questioner: Email marketing is just not going to work on this. Whoever is advising you spend more on email marketing needs to be fired.

Presenter: Well, email marketing is not the only sales strategy, and we are planning to experiment with other methods that might be effective too. We’d welcome your input on those. However, our data so far from our initial customers suggests our email marketing is already working to build initial users – our last campaign showed a 10% open rate, a 2% conversion rate, and a 4x ROI. [Then selects next questioner.]

Good save.