Tip #20: Format consistency

Tip 20: Format consistency. Next we have a series of tips on what slides should look like. Starting with formatting.

Your slides should be a consistent whole – your color scheme throughout, common font, precise and uniform alignment between slides, unvarying capitalization (or not), altogether a coherent “feel” to the slides.

This may sound minor, and it is. But audiences cannot help but be distracted by a randomly colored font or a word that’s bigger than the surrounding words. Even small things like slide titles being uniquely indented on slide 8 hit the brain when it should be focused on the information you’re providing. People don’t decide to invest because of perfect formatting, but they don't get distracted by nice formatting so are more likely to be engaging with the content.

It also demonstrates professionalism and respect to deliver high quality product to us. If you can’t do that now, when you are asking us for $500,000 of risky investment capital, why would we think you will do in future – when you are trying to make a $2,000 / year Saas subscription sale, or, even less likely, next year when we are chasing you for your overdue quarterly financial information?

Slides don’t need to be works of art. But they do need to be high quality, professional, and consistent.