Tip #22: Beautiful slides

Tip 22: Beautiful slides. Beautiful slides don’t save weak content, but ugly slides destroy good content.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make nice looking slides, but you do at least need to make an effort. Presumably someone on the team has a grasp of the basics of marketing and powerpoint? If not, find someone who does. Graphic designers in the Philippines cost less than the craft beer you had last week. Use them.

In particular, be aware of how your overall pitch deck quality relates to your key messages. If your business is a “nuts and bolts” industrial process – like Atlas Organics in our portfolio, for example – your slides won’t hurt you even if they’re not beautiful. But if you’re a retail business relying on brand marketing, or a Saas business whose main competitive advantage is “a slick, simple, and modern UX/UI,” your slides need to be absolutely top-notch or otherwise we have no reason to believe your business will be successful.