Tip #18: Use animations carefully

Tip 18: Use animations carefully. Use animations judiciously and practice them.

Used effectively, animations are a useful tool for helping your audience stay in the current of your narrative flow, keeping them focused on the key point you are making.

But they are hard to use effectively. First again is tech (tip #2 about sending in pdfs – animations don’t work in pdfs) – and then “clickers” never work as smoothly as people like.

Assuming the tech is OK, you have to know exactly when to click the next animation. You really don’t want to be talking about a key message and then realize the relevant bullet isn’t on the screen yet. If you’ve practiced enough, it can be very slick – but it’s higher risk.

And it probably goes without saying that any “quirky” animation is a distraction and hurts credibility, but just in case: DON’T USE “FUNNY” ANIMATIONS.