Tip #53: IP Briefly

Tip 53: Product – IP brevity. IP can be complicated and hard to present effectively. In general, we recommend including this orally as part of your product/solution slide, but if IP is absolutely integral to the value proposition it might merit its own slide.

However you approach it, keep in mind the usual recommendations about brevity and simplicity.

Don’t include complicated diagrams with hard to read annotations. Don’t include prose and legalese (definitely don't quote verbatim from your patent filings). Keep it brief.

Don’t include anything on trademarks. Trademarking some random phrases for $400 doesn’t make the company more attractive to investors. And you definitely don’t need a whole slide on your trademark applications.

We do not need the patent numbers on the visual version of the deck. (In the written version, the numbers with a hyperlink to the PTO materials shows good organization – and obviously provide the filings, correspondence, and awards in the diligence dropbox).