Tip #43: The Appendix

Tip 43: The Appendix. 10-12 slides is enough to cover everything we need to know. One popular fudge around tip 1 is “stick that in an appendix”.

You can do this if you want, and indeed for the written version it might be a good approach. For the oral delivery, though, be warned that this scenario is all too common.

Questioner: “Can you give me more detail on your distribution channels?”

Presenter: flicking through five slides, then back one, um where is this slide, ah here we are.

Audience: trying to ignore a whole bunch of images flying by, then trying to read a new slide – which is probably weaker because it’s in the appendix…

Presenter: “As you can see on this slide, we have [a long but poorly fleshed out list of distribution channels that didn’t really fit my narrative and open up lots more questions around a subject that I didn’t really think was important enough to include in my 10 key slides].

Audience: trying to process the new data ignores the answer and now needs dragging back to the core message.

This is likely counterproductive. Better would simply be to answer the question orally and simply. Our two key distribution channels are [x] and [y].