Tip #13: Tech snafus

Tip 13: Technological snafus. There will be some. Projectors break, internet connections fail, files corrupt, HDMI cables get forgotten. Be prepared to respond.

How? With some technology, you can bring backups. Bring your own version of a presentation on a laptop and thumb-drive. With others you can revert to “old school” solutions. For example, bring hard copies of something for people to read while you speak - your one-page executive summary would probably be best and manageable.

The ultimate preparation is being able to deliver the pitch without slides. The goal of practicing the pitch is to allow you to present it in your sleep. Awake (and armed with a handwritten list of bullets on a 3x5 notecard?), you should be able to deliver it with no trouble.

By now, this technical snafu might even have worked to your advantage. The audience has nowhere else to focus except on you, so will be listening hard – and will be especially impressed by your storytelling ability, knowledge, and adaptability if you can pitch unaided.