Perfecting Your Pitch - Tip Update

Our first 43 tips have been focused on the how and who of perfect pitches. This might seem excessive, but remember two things.

First, 86% of our incoming deal flow never even gets to pitch - making homework and preparation the most important tips we have.

Second, a large amount of the information you impart comes through non-verbal communication. It doesn’t really matter if it’s 50% or 90+%; it is a lot. That's why delivery and "presentation" came next.

That leaves "content" at 10-40% of 14%, which is why it's taken a while to get here. But of course the what (what should be included in the pitch and how you might think about tackling particular questions) is important. So here is the next cohort of tips. Put these in the context of our recommended allotted 10 slides.